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December 22, 2009

Adopt a Hydrant

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If a fire were to occur in your neighborhood when there was snow on the ground, would the Smithtown Fire Department be able to find the fire hydrant near your home?

We encouraging residents to “Adopt a Hydrant” near their home. Residents who adopt fire hydrants will help the Fire District by keeping them clear of snow in the winter.

Please make it a point to uncover your fire hydrant after each snowfall. Clear a path approximately 3 feet around the fire hydrant. This will allow firefighters enough room to attach hoses to the fire hydrant if the need should arise. Remember water is the main tool firefighters use to extinguish fires. Delays in locating and hooking up to the fire hydrant could hamper fire suppression and possibly raise the risk of injury and property damage.

Please let us know if you Adopt a Hydrant near your home so we can let the community know how special you are!


Please e-mail Smithtown Fire Department Public Information Officer Jeff Bressler with your name and the location of your adopted hydrant.


April 1, 2009

Fundraising Firm Misrepresenting the Smithtown Fire Department

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It has come to the attention of the Smithtown Fire Department that a fundraising firm is telephoning Smithtown residents to solicit funds for an organization named “Firefighters Support Foundation”. The organization is claiming that they are calling on behalf of the Smithtown Fire Department. These calls are not authorized by the Department, nor does the Department endorse or support the work of the Firefighters Support Foundation.


Jeff Bressler, Public Information Officer for the Smithtown Fire Department wants to let residents know that “the Department holds an annual direct mail campaign requesting support from those residents who wish to assist us. It is certainly optional and we never follow-up the mail request with phone calls or door to door visits. We are upset that an organization we do not endorse or recognize has taken it up upon themselves to use our name. We are actively involved in finding the mechanism to have these solicitations cease.”


If community residents receive these calls, it would be appreciated if they can be relayed to the Department at 631-265-1503.



March 4, 2009

Change Your Clock, Change Your Batteries

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Firefighters know the importance of home fire safety. That’s why the men and women of the Smithtown Fire Department encourage participation in the annual home fire safety program called:

Change Your Clock, Change Your Battery!


Sponsored by the International Association of Fire Chiefs and Energizer brand batteries, the program urges you to adopt a simple lifesaving habit: Change all of your Smoke Alarm batteries when you change your clocks ahead on March 8th.


Protecting your home is simple: Change, Check, Count and Clean!™





February 26, 2009

New Website Close to Launch

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We are happy to report that the new Smithtown Fire Department website should be up and running over the next few weeks. As you may have noticed our content has not been updated as frequently as in the past. This is due to the need to start the process of migrating existing content to the new site.


When the rebuilt site is online the Department will once again provide daily updates with a new dynamic front page news management system and an outstanding photo album program. There will also be password protected content, calendars and announcements for members of the Smithtown Fire Department to access.

February 7, 2009

Pick-Up Truck Fire

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A Signal 14 (vehicle fire) was toned out on Saturday, February 07 at 13:15 (1:15pm) located in the Hess Station at Routes 111 and 347 in Smithtown.

A pick-up truck had just left the pump area after filling up when the driver realized that the vehicle was on fire.  He was able to ease the truck to a parking area away from the pumps and evacuate the vehicle.

Responding to the call were Chief of Department Thomas Duckham and First Assistant Chief Charles Duffy.  Apparatus on scene were Engines 4-2-1, 4-2-4 and 4-2-5. Also at the scene was Rescue 4-2-9.

A 1 ¾” line was quickly stretched from 4-2-1 and total suppression of the fire was completed within five minutes.

All units were up at 14:04 (2:04pm).


More Photo’s at

February 6, 2009

Early Afternoon Car Fire

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A signal 14 (vehicle fire) was toned out at 12:29:41 to the ShopRite parking lot at 335 Route 347. We thank Fire Marshall Greg Gottlieb for the photos.



More Photo’s at

January 15, 2009

Cold Weather Heating Safety

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Heaters can be dangerous if not used correctly. Eighty percent (80%) of all fire deaths occur in the home and heating equipment is a leading cause of home fires during the cool and cold weather months of the year. It trails only cooking equipment in home fires year-round. As we have the first extreme cold weather predictions of the winter season, the Smithtown Fire Department wants to remind everyone to heat your homes with care by following these safety tips!


January 13, 2009

Serious One Car Motor Vehicle Accident

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A serious one vehicle MVA was toned out to the Smithtown Fire Department at 11:23:35 AM, on Tuesday, January 13, 2009  at 7 Route 25A and Summerset Drive across from Avalon Garden.


Responding to the alarm were Chief’s 4-2-33 (Third Assistant Chief Sisino), 4-2-31 (First Assistant Chief Duffy) and 4-2-30 (Chief of Department Duckham), Engine 4-2-5, Engine 4-2-1, Rescue 4-2-9 and Ambulance 4-2-62.


Upon arrival Chief Sisino witnessed a vehicle that struck a tree, caught fire and had one victim entrapped. Suffolk County Police were on the scene first and began battling the fire with extinguishers.


Jeff Bressler, Public Information Officer for the Smithtown Fire Department commended PD’s early response, “The Smithtown Fire Department commends PD for their swift response to the fire until we arrived. Without protective gear they took immediate action to protect the trapped driver.”


Arriving on the scene the Smithtown FD quickly went into action extinguishing the fire quickly so they could begin the extrication of the entrapped driver.


“I am proud of the swift and professional way our firefighter extinguished the blaze and immediately commenced with the extrication process. We initially removed the passenger door to get to the injured driver. In order to remove him we had to take out the rear seat of the vehicle. The operation was preformed seamlessly.”


Once removed the drive was airlifted by Suffolk PD aviation. The helicopter took the unidentified driver to the Stony Brook University Medical Center for treatment.



More Photo’s at







Rush Hour MVA

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An early morning motor vehicle accident MVA/Heavy Rescue) was toned out to the Smithtown Fire Department at 07:02:20 am at Brooksite Drive and Route 347.


More Photo’s at

December 29, 2008

Christmas Tree Danger

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Christmas has come and gone, but the festive feeling of the season continues. We enjoy keeping our decoration shining and our tree glowing. But as the weeks wear on we have to be very vigilant about the condition of our Christmas Trees. Have you been taking care to water and maintain it?

According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) there are estimated annual averages of 210 home fires that begin with Christmas trees. The NIST advises that “A Christmas tree which has dry needles can readily ignite with a flaming source and generate heat release rates that are capable of causing flashover in residential scale rooms.”

December 18, 2008

Town Hall Meeting


The Smithtown Fire Department hosted a Town Hall meeting for Congressman Tim Bishop on Wednesday, December 17TH. Bishop spoke to, and took questions from Smithtown residents on a wide range of topics from the automotive industry bailout to the war in Iraq.

After the meeting Suffolk County Legislator John Kennedy toured the Smithtown dispatch center with Chief of Department Duckham and First Assistant Chief Duffy. Smithtown dispatch fields calls for the Smithtown, Nesconset, Hauppauge, Kings Park and St. James Fire Departments.


December 17, 2008

Congressman Bishop Town Hall Meeting on 12/17/08

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Congressman Tim Bishop (D-1st District) will once again visit the Smithtown Fire Department to hold a Town Hall meeting on Wednesday evening, December 17th at 7:00pm.


The Congressman will answer questions of both local and national interest. For more information, please call 631-696-6500.

December 14, 2008

Christmas Parade 2008

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The 29th Annual Smithtown Fire Department Christmas Parade visited the streets and neighborhoods of the community on Saturday evening, December 13th.  Hundreds of residents lined the streets waiting for the Parade to pass. Santa also took the time out of his busy schedule to attend the festivities.

(More Pictures to follow soon.)



December 8, 2008

In the Holiday Spirit

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The Smithtown Fire Department is getting into the holiday spirit. The countdown has begun for the town wide 29th Annual Christmas Parade taking place on Saturday evening, December 13th at 5:00pm.  (Parade route is listed in a post below.)

On Sunday, December 7th, two traditional pre holiday events took place:



 In the morning Firefighters gathered at the Main House on Elm Avenue to decorate the building for the holidays.





And in the evening the Department helped Santa usher in the holiday season by bringing St. Nick to the Brush Barn to host the post tree lighting ceremony sponsored by the Rotary Club of Smithtown.







November 30, 2008

Christmas Parade Route

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December 13, 2008

Parade starts at 5:00PM


For the best viewing of the Parade join us at approximately 5:15 pm on Redwood Lane behind Town Hall. The parade stops here so members of the community can take pictures of the decorated apparatus.

If this is the first time you are viewing the Parade, please ask a neighbor approximately what time the Fire Department will be passing by in your area.

Go to “more” below for the complete route,


November 28, 2008

More Turkey Bowl Photos

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Photos by Fred Friedman



 More Photo’s in the Photo Bucket under

 Turkey Bowl



November 27, 2008

Turkey Bowl 2008

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One of the great annual Fire Service rivalries was decided on the football field at Hauppauge High School on Thanksgiving morning. The Turkey Bowl saw Smithtown go down in defeat to Hauppauge 34 to 18.


Photos by Greg Gottlieb






Thanksgiving Morning MVA

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A morning MVA was toned out by the Smithtown Fire Department  at 8:04 am  at the location of Brooksite Drive and Route 347.

Photos by Fred Friedman


Early Morning Fire

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The Smithtown Fire Department toned out a signal 13, structural fire with a smoke condition and possible fire in the wall above the fire place at 7 Carrie Court at 4:24am.

Upon arrival 1st Assistant Chief Duffy upgraded the alarm to a 13/35 working fire.  Responding to the alarm were Engines 4-2-3, 4-2-4, 4-2-5, Ladder 4-2-7 and Ambulances 4-2-61 and 4-2-64.

The fire, which was caused by a structural breach above the fireplace, was quickly brought under control.

All units were up at 5:30am.

November 25, 2008


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One of Long Island’s most spectacular holiday parade returns for the twenty ninth year on Saturday, December 13th. The night skies will be lit with a sea of holiday lights when the Smithtown Fire Department escorts Santa around town for their annual Christmas gift to the community.


The Smithtown Fire Department Christmas Parade, taking place this year on Saturday, December 13th, is the largest holiday light parade on Long Island. Each piece of fire apparatus in the department is decked out with lights, garland and tinsel to celebrate the season.


Chief of Department Thomas Duckham reports that “all eight Fire Department Companies use their own financial resources and creative talents to build the moving light show. It takes a number of weeks for each Company to prepare for the parade.”


As in past years the parade will wind its way through all of Smithtown’s neighborhoods.


Jeff Bressler, Public Information Officer said that “the parade has truly become a community celebration with many residents holding block parties and holiday gatherings in their homes on the night of the event.”


The festivities, hosted by Santa himself, get underway at 5:00pm. The complete parade route will be released the week of December 8th.



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